Using Brand Viagra pills for the first time? You should definitely read this!

If you are someone who has just heard about some cool stuff regarding Viagra pills then you should definitely read for the as it can clear a lot of misconceptions for any one being exposed to these erectile dysfunction pills for the first time. 

using viagra pill first time

Generic Viagra is being extensively used across the world for dealing successfully with the temporary erectile dysfunction problem which prevents people enjoying their sexual life. It is not a cure as it doesn’t have any control over importance in men so it shouldn’t be treated like one. 

The Diamond-shaped Viagra pills should only be consumed after the rightful prescription from qualified medical expert but not on their own. It is highly advised for the people wishing to treat issues with their sexual life.

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If you are someone with the problem of erectile dysfunction and facing issues during your intimate moments then you are advised to take only one pill at a day. It is the safest dosage for a person facing this medical issue.

Depending on the severity as well as the history of the patient, the doctor can prescribe different potency as per the need. Under any circumstances, you are advised not to perform self-experiments with the dosage even if you managed to Take Viagra online cheap. 

It can create sexual health problems for you. And not only unwelcoming sexual issues but it may hamper some crucial body mechanism too.

How does Viagra Pills Work?

The Viagra pills have a quiet to the point application in the body of the person consuming the pills. The ingredient in viagra of the pill interact with the nitric oxide levels which further reduces the blood flow in the penis show the effect of the pills have a similar impact on the sexual mechanism of the body and post erection the impact of the pills gets neutralized on its own

Although there is a point that should be clearly understood in case of any misconceptions. The Viagra pills only provide a temporary effect for the penis and it has nothing to do with the impotence or permanent erectile dysfunction damage. 

Additionally, one thing should also be taken in due care that without desire there is no erection. So, in that case, the pills still might not be useful. Unfortunately, these pills are only effective for the people facing temporary penile dysfunction in the erection and have no solution for seriously disrupted penis erectile functionality problems.

The Right Dose Of Viagra

There is a misconception in the mind of several people that more is better. it is not only the case with Viagra generic like viagra sildenafil citrate but almost every other medicine treating some or other kinds of health issues. 

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Here it should be clearly known to the person consuming the pills that more is not better in the case of Viagra. Consuming more than the advised dosage of (both in terms of potency as well as quantity) may lead to permanent impotence or any other serious health repercussions.

So, in any case, abide by your doctors’ prescription medications and don’t experiment on your own to avoid any unfavourable circumstances.

Things You should know before consuming Viagra

It is important to know when you are going to consume Viagra for ED problems which is widely used across the world and available under different generic and brand names.

  • These pills should not be used for recreational purposes
  • Avoid using it with any other drug without any medical prescription at your dispense.
  • Do not take alcohol if you are consuming sildenafil citrate or any other cheap Viagra substitute. It’s an established fact that alcohol and Viagra don’t mix well and cause health issues.
  • Overdose or drug abuse can cause serious health repercussions and in some rare cases it has been seen fatality with this treat erectile dysfunction med
  • 50 mg is the most common dosage which is widely used by most of the patient across the world. 
  • In case you are not getting the benefits out of the dosage then please consult your doctor regarding increasing or decreasing the daily dose.
  • To buy Viagra online one should have a valid prescription from a doctor.

Who should consume Sildenafil citrate tablets?

It is very important and anyone should not take it lightly. The ones who ignore it are the ones who experience mishappenings and medical issues the most in their body. The Viagra pills are only restricted to the people with erectile dysfunction and can only be consumed after a proper medical prescription.

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The pills shouldn’t be used on recreational purpose to simply induce the intercourse timing during the love making. Also, avoid having more than prescribed dosage so that you can save yourself from any ill effects happen due to abuse of Viagra pill.

How To Buy Viagra?

There are both online pharmacy and offline retailers selling these meds. While buying from either of the options you must make sure that the store must be FDA approved and follows all standard procedures so that you do not fall prey to fraud companies selling fake products. Alternatively, you can get genuine generic Viagra online for sale too.

Online Viagra retailers are becoming a favourite choice due to the is as well as the time and cost-saving nature. People wishing to secure long-time cheap Viagra supply get the Viagra pills at highly discounted prices. So, Viagra price gets affordable with the size of the supply you order.

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Best timings to consume Tablets

It is best to have the pills at least 45 to 60 minutes before the real show begins in your bedroom. Though the effectiveness can vary from one person to another as there are a lot of important factors comes into play. Your food, health condition and other factors like alcohol may play with the effectiveness and the duration.

Common Side Effects of Viagra

The blue diamond coloured pills do come with several side effects.

Viagra can cause mild issues like headaches, nausea, dizziness, high blood pressure, to severe body developments like heart attacks. The heart attack possibility makes it a prescription drug rather than an OTC med like aspirin. Also, it is advised to avoid using Viagra with nitro-glycerine together. It doesn’t only block the PDE5 inhibitors but also lead to health problems.

Viagra’s most painful side effect is an unwelcoming long-lasting erection which stays for several hours. Addiction owing to prolong recreational use is another side effect which may cause trouble.