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Avana 50mg Tabs for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Males

For the people suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction, avanafil or Avana is very helpful med. It’s an oral prescribed treatment which helps men to get back their firmness of the penis back. These tablets are pretty helpful for regulating the broken sexual lives of various people. It has already been found this medication has been suggested to other medical conditions apart from erectile dysfunction along with other prescription drugs.

This medicine should just be consumed as specified and endorsed by your PCP. Try not to alter your dose except if explicitly asked to do the same. Measurements and utilization frequently rely upon the seriousness of the condition, just as the patient’s clinical history and current wellbeing condition.

How do the Avana tablets work?

Erectile dysfunction in men happens when the blood flow to the veins responsible for the erection of the penis becomes unable to hold the grip.

Avana tabs are a PDE 5 inhibitor drug and the active ingredient of this med helps in relaxing the fine muscles in the corpus cavernosum. This action helps to shoot the blood flow. Now this augmentation in the blood flow makes attaining the process of the erection smoother clubbed with sexual stimulation.

In case you find the meds are less helpful or not helpful at all then it’s time to visit your Primary care physician. Also, even if you are getting the treatment as directed then still putting the PCP in the loop is very important. Depending on the intensity/reaction of the doctor may ask you to increase/decrease the quantity or dosage you are currently having. So, all in all, do consult your
doctor on a frequent basis.

How to consume Avanafil (Avana) Tablets?

In case you have been prescribed by your PCP for the Avana tablets then you can try consuming a whole Tablet with a glassful of water. Makes sure by the time you are consuming this tab you have an empty stomach.

avana tablet 100 mg

Though it has also been seen in the case of nausea the doctor may allow the individual to eat a light meal or snack in order to nullify the impact. Additionally, one more very important advice and that is never chewed, crush, split, or powder the Avana tablets. Any kind of interference to the original form and composition may alter the effect or destroy the effect at all.

What does Avana not do?

Sometimes along with To-Dos knowing what not to do is also very important. In the case of Avana tabs knowing what, the med is not capable of is very important. You can check the facts as follows:

  1. It is important to understand here that Avana tablets are not a cure but a treatment. So, it is not a permanent solution to the Erectile dysfunction problem.
  2. Avanafil will not cause an erection on its own as sexual stimulation is a prerequisite.
  3. Avana tablet can not treat infertility so in case you read or somebody says this to you then please do not believe that person.
  4. The tablets have a limited impact as the effect of the active ingredients in the tablets lasts for a few hours.

Consuming Avanafil

You are advised to consume these tablets within the consumable limits prescribed as per your PCP. Altering the dosage amount or taking more than the advised dosage can make things worse for you.

avanafil stendra

A typical dosage of Avana tablet is 50 mg described by most of the physician and consultants. Though it is also true that your particular regimen can vary due to your present health, underlying conditions, effectiveness or so. You are also cautioned to avoid any self-medication on your own.

Side effects

The most common mild side effects that may occur while you are on the Avana tabs are Nausea, drowsiness, Upset stomach, or diarrhea. Apart from this Balminess, stinging, or redness in the neck or face region are other symptoms that one should not ignore. Also, users complained about cold or flu-like symptoms (Fever, chills, aches, or sore throat) and pain in the joint, or back region.

Though Avana can definitely have severe repercussions for users when they start feeling angina, Tightness in the chest region, fainting, Sensation in ears, blurred vision or diminishing eyesight, and other such development during the course of this med. It has been also seen that people also complained about painful erection that lasted for more than 4 hours.


Avana (Avanafil) should just be utilized as endorsed by your doctor or drug specialist. Try not to change your measurements except if explicitly advised to do as such by the authorized person. Dosage and utilization regularly rely upon the seriousness of the condition, just as the patient’s clinical history and current wellbeing condition.

Before you begin using Avanafil, it’s your duty to discuss a lot of important things with your physician. For it you should take these tips handy:

  • The pills are not suggested for women pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • In case if you are having some kind of allergies then Avanafil is really not for you.
  • If you have any medical condition that you think can not Avana tablets can ruin then you are thinking wrong. For complete safety, discuss your problem and consult your doctor for peace of mind.
  • Avana has a history of drugs that may interact with these ED treatment pills. In case, you are using any other drugs or medication then you should check with the PCP.
  • Avoid taking alcohol if you are consuming these meds has any PDE5 inhibitor drug like Avana has a strong interaction with the alcohol or any supplement based on it.
  • There are incidents where people were found where people found this narcotic-like drug for getting high. If you also have the same misinformation then stop believing it.
  • Avoid using this drug for recreational purposes. Any licensed pharmacist won’t allow you to consume these drugs without a valid prescription.

Also avoid tampering the original form that is altering the composition, grounding, pasting, breaking. It can prevent you from having the benefits of your erectile dysfunction issue.

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