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Using Kamagra Safely for treating Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Kamagra is another substitute for the diamond-shaped blue Viagra Pills, the popular medicine used
across the world for treating erectile dysfunction ed issues in males. it is a potent medium to deal with
the different kinds of issues in males.
The main ingredient in Kamagra is sildenafil citrate. The main active ingredient is further a PD Type 5
inhibitor which works on the muscles and the blood pressure vessels of the male genitals. Kamagra being a
decent Viagra substitute has a proven track record of beneficiaries.

Working Mechanism

sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient in the Kamagra pills. The working mechanism is pretty simple
and can be easily understood. The active ingredient helps the muscles of the penis to relax. This
relaxation in return aggravates the blood flow in the Chambers of the blood pressure vessels. It results in a
firm hardness of male genitals.
This mechanism is comparatively very fast and provides desired results in a quick manner. You can
expect the desired effect within the next 50 to 60 minutes of post-Kamagra pills consumption.
Foreplay activities and mood to have an important say in this regard. So, put these facts under
consideration too while planning to consume the pills.


The Kamagra pills do work wonders, provided they are given proper time to function and consumed
as per the prescription. It is effective for the next 3 to 6 hours duration once consumed. Though the
effectiveness length depends on the person to person.
One can safely expect at least four hours of erection after consuming this Viagra substitute under
normal conditions. You can expect a positive result within the next one hour after taking the pills as
per the instructions.


The dose is an important part of the Viagra and it’s all working substitutes or alternative to viagra like Kamagra. Here the
size of the dosage depends on the previous medical history, duration of usage as well as the
persistent medical condition of the person consuming it.

Any person consuming it for the first time is advised to religiously follow the prescription of a
medically qualified doctor. Any kind of overdosage can put the person consuming Kamagra pills or kamagra oral jelly in
trouble. And this is at all not desirable with these pills. Additionally, any experiment with the dosage
or the potency of the pills can further make the situation worse for sexual life.

So, sticking to the doctor’s advice is the best practice one can follow. Also, please bear one thing in
your mind that the dosage should not exceed 100 mg in any case. Your safety should be your first


Depending on your current and previous medical records the doctor can allow or disallow Kamagra.
So, if you are a first-time user then do not forget to take expert advice of a medical practitioner to
avoid any unexpected developments with the usage of these pills.

For people with certain illnesses and pertaining to health issues, the doctor can completely forbid
them to consume Kamagra pills to treat their erectile dysfunction issues. While for some a little to
moderate use can be prescribed. On the basis of their previous health record, a person can also be
advised to adjust the timings of the pill in case he is on any other medication at present.

What not to do while consuming Kamagra pills?

Anyone consuming Viagra or any other substitute of the Diamond shaped blue pills should not
perform several actions.

Drug Abuse

Any kind of drug abuse of Kamagra pills is at all not advised. It may not only make things even worse
for your erectile dysfunction ed disorder but also lead to other difficulties in your body. So, please
ensure you are following the prescribed limits religiously both in terms of frequency as well as

Additionally, more is always not better, at least not in the case of Kamagra. So, be advised to not try
consuming more than prescribed units of pills. Ensure your safety while consuming the Kamagra pills
to treat your erection troubles.

Recreation Purposes

It has been seen from time to time that people consider (and use) these pills as a narcotic substitute
or intoxication agent to get high or having coke like effects in their body.

The Kamagra pills do have muscle relaxation property in order to induce the blood flow for a harder
and lasting erection. But it covers a specific area and not the whole body (specifically the neural
system of humans) like the narcotics do.

People do not only consume Kamagra pills unnecessarily but also use more than one pill at a single
go. It’s like risking for their health for nothing.

Mixing it with Alcohol

This is another case which is quite common where people have admitted to using Kamagra pills. It is
evident that alcohol is clubbed with the Kamagra pills to just make the effect of the pills even more

If you are someone who has heard this rumor or yourself practicing it then stop it right now. It can
push you in health trouble. One may have serious repercussions as this combo is at all not advisable.
Please make one thing very clear in your mind that Kamagra and alcohol cannot coexist at the same
time and this fact is medically supported.

More than advised frequent dosage

Once people start getting the positive result from the Kamagra pills they tend to develop a habit of
having it again and again. They think frequent consumption will help them outperform the
expectations in the bed while having intercourse session with the partner.

The thing which should be kept in mind here that it is not the solution. The pills have their lasting
impact in the penal blood chambers for the next 4 to 6 hours post-consumption. It’s more than

The pills should also not be using very frequently for another reason. Over/frequent consumption
will start diminishing the impact of the pills for the person. This action will slowly and steadily start
making it ineffective and the person will be advised to increase the potency of Kamagra pills.


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